Muhammad: Islam's First Great General by Richard A. Gabriel

Muhammad: Islam's First Great General
Richard A. Gabriel
That Muhammad succeeded as a prophet is undeniable; a prominent military historian now suggests that he might not have done so had he not also been a great soldier. Best known as the founder of a major religion, Muhammad was also Islam's first great general. While there have been numerous accounts of Muhammad the Prophet, this is the first military biography of the man.
In Muhammad: Islam's First Great General, Richard A. Gabriel shows us a warrior never before seen in antiquity--a leader of an all-new religious movement who in a single decade fought eight major battles, led eighteen raids, and planned thirty-eight other military operations. Gabriel's study portrays Muhammad as a revolutionary who introduced military innovations that transformed armies and warfare throughout the Arab world...

Pub: University of Oklahoma Press 2007 | 255 Pages | ISBN: 0806138602 | PDF | 2 MB