Cheating in the Classroom

How many hands you have?
Cheating isn’t new with the 21st century; according to Justin Crozier, it’s been around since the invention of the standardized test in China (Han dynasty, 206BC-23AD). The tests were for people who wanted to enter into government service and they were amazingly hard. Test takers had to memorize Confucius’ Four Books and Five Classics. The amount of the material was so vast and the incentive for success was so large, that cheating flourished. Scholars could purchase miniature books that they could conceal in their palms, shirt lapels often had crib notes in tiny stitching, fans contained cheat sheets, and scholars-for-hire could be rented to take the test under someone else’s name.
Hair, the safest place to hide all notes for cheating .. gkgkgk ..
Today, according to the authors of Cheating in School, cheating is pretty common in our schools. They cite a study from the Josephson Institute of Ethics, which surveys American high school students about their cheating habits every two years. In 2004, here’s what they found:
  • 60% of teens cheated on tests at least once and 38% cheated twice or more
  • Over 30% of high school students had plagiarized and 18 % had done so repeatedly
  • 80% of your students are copying one another’s homework. Well over than 64% are doing it more than once (